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Forgive the silly title! I am - as always - on a White Stripes kick. Anyway, as a supporter of the indie contingent in anything, be it music or fashion, I find the online shop Etsy to be a great place to find very unique items for very affordable prices. As we are all quite aware, the fashion world is cutthroat, so even if an emerging young designer has loads of talent, it is very likely that he or she will never be picked up by Barney's, or at least some great boutique. That's where Etsy comes in. I took a quick stroll through some clothing shops on Etsy and found a few lovely pieces (mostly all dresses, unintentionally, of course) all for no more than $65!I love the architectural quality of this, and the slight Asian influence. It has very thin black stripes, and the top can be seductively worn off the shoulder. By Vital, this dress would be perfect for a gallery opening!
From Serene, this dress is inspired by the fantastic Zara dress, with interesting ruffle neckline and criss-cross back. I love the electric blue color. It's also available in several other colors, including buttery yellow and dark grey.
Even though the shape is completely wrong for me, I cannot help but love tent dresses. They have a very appealing flapper feel about them. This white tent dress by Some Velvet Morning (love the name) has two front pockets and a low back. The contrasting trim at the neck adds some artistic detail.
This paper bag waist skirt is another item by Some Velvet Morning. The fabric seems to have a really nice sheen to it, and the styling is spot on: all you need with a skirt like this is a simple tank, a great belt, and a cute little headband. The photography is great too, grainy and saturated, much like Jeurgen Teller for Marc Jacobs!
Finally, a black and white dress by Have Fun With Fabric (yet again, love the name). This is just a simple tank dress but I love the contrasting waist band and abstract floral detail on the hem.

Next time you feel tempted to blow hundreds of dollars on one of the more established designers out there, try out an indie designer! You'll be saving money and supporting new talent.

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Anonymous ambika said...

This is a tempting, tempting list. And I completely feel you on the unrequited tent dress love. If only I had no bust...

August 6, 2007 at 3:53 PM  

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