Snow Attack!

Yet again Vogue Girl Korea enchants me with a beautiful and odd editorial. This one, entitled "Snow Attack" was shot by Oh Jung Seok, from the December 2005 issue. I find these particularly appropriate because I am caught in a snow attack right now. Just when we thought spring was finally here, we get a snowstorm. Argh!

Well, enjoy these amazing photos that make snow seem glamorous! They are from Foto Decadent of course, so head there for more shots.

Is it just me, or does this model look like Bjork?





Ah, To Be Young Again

I have loved J. Crew for a ridiculously long time. I adore their quirky preppy aesthetic, the fresh faced models, and the beautiful styling and photography of their catalogs. It makes sense that I would be equally enamored of their Crewcuts collection, petite sized J. Crew togs for the privileged kids.

You may scoff, but take a good look, and I guarantee you will be as amazed as I am at the chicness of these clothes. More often than not, I end up liking the Crewcuts selections better than the clothes for the adults! I may be experiencing regression, but if I get to wear these mini fashions, then that's fine by me.Here's an example of that fashionably slick photography. How adorable do these kids look? And I even hate kids! Even though I'll be focusing on the girl's clothes in this post - cuz I'm a girl - I must say that the boy's clothes are equally as fetching. Little madras and seersucker blazers, plaid shirts, and bright sweaters, oh my!
Behold, the Grace dress. Appropriate name for such a sweet 60s shift. I love the jeweled neckline on this.
This is the shirtdress of my dreams. Dear J. Crew, can you please please make this in adult sizes? The ruffled collar, bell sleeves, and empire waist are so lovely. I really enjoyed how they styled it in the early spring catalog, with a gondolier's hat, yellow wellies, and a tulle skirt peeking out - CUTE!
This makes me think of Valentino for all of its ruffled goodness. I hate bright colors like this, but somehow I find it perfect for the style of the dress. The back is a real show stopper, with a big box pleat and little crystal buttons.
Another thing to love about Crewcuts, and J. Crew in general, is how they really think about the designs, adding in little details that make a boring piece special. I am taken by the ruffled sleeves, subtle sparkle, and pockets. Again, this would be perfect for your adult customers, J. Crew!
Another perfect little 60s silhouette, this time in a metallic brocade fabric. I still cannot picture any kid I know wearing anything like this though. Especially when you consider the price of most of these garments. Nearly $300 jackets for little snotty? No thanks.
Metallic ruffled tulle skirt. Enough said.

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Long Red Curly Hair

It seems every time I check out Foto Decadent I find so many gorgeous editorials! This one, "Soldier Will You Marry Me" is especially cool. From UK Vogue, shot by the amazing Tim Walker, and modeled by Karen Elson, whom I find to be a lovely model and person, even though she is married to the man of my dreams. Susie Bubble already posted about this, but I wanted to share with my devoted readers too! So, here are my three favorites. As always, head to Foto Decadent for more shots.
This, in my opinion, is the best one of the bunch. That luscious pink gown is beyond any description I could conjure, so I'll just let its frothiness speak for itself. Love the mirror too. And that face!
Love it. Slightly creepy, and at the same time, highly adorable. The dress and the white tights are inspired.
The pose, the toy soldier, the train...perfect. It reminds me of The Nutcracker, which is appropriate, considering Elson's ballerina-esque frock and flats.

Go check out the whole thing. It is really smashing for UK Vogue, who usually veers to the tacky side of things. Tim Walker is one of my favorite fashion photogs - he brings such a sense of whimsy to everything he does. Enjoy!

*Title comes from "Take Take Take" by The White Stripes

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The Sound of Fashion: Vampire Weekend

Welcome to another installment of TSOF, where I make up a couple of outfits based on the style of a particular album. My choice this time is Vampire Weekend, an indie band formed in a Columbia dorm room. They have been getting a lot of hype lately, and usually that makes me a little leery.

But I have given their debut a good listen and all I have to say is "wow." These guys rock. Their songs are inspired by relationships, the Ivy life, and summer weekends on the Cape. Basically, it is prep to the core. But they have brought together disparate musical styles, like African musical traditions and 80s bands like Talking Heads (whom I adore, by the way) to create something utterly unique, and damn catchy.

For my VW inspired outfits, I have chosen some preppy standbys like Sperry Top-Siders and rope belted navy capris, as well as a khaki skirt and striped blazer. But just like VW, I've thrown in some ethnic inspiration with the printed Built By Wendy camisole and bright African headscarf. There is definitely a hint of the 80s as well, as evident in the blazer's angular lines and bold print and the red patent bag. I think it's a good mix of Blair and Serena (for all of you GG fans out there) that sums up the style of Vampire Weekend: old school meets new school.

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It's Been a Long Cold Lonely Winter...

...and I am ready for the sunshine of spring. With the warmer weather comes the promise of colorful spring blooms and, of course, new fashions. Here are a few of my favorite spring inspirations.
Wardrobe Remixer Boboniaa is one incredibly stylish girl. I am always in awe of her fantastic eye for color and her ability to layer the most disparate items and make them look perfect together. This look is a great example of that use of color, which is one of the things I'd like to do for spring. I like a somewhat neutral palette, but I love bright blues and reds, so finding more ways to incorporate pops of color into my everyday outfits would be so refreshing.
I love this layered look, using a monochromatic palette. She's keeping the colors in the same scheme, but making it interesting by mixing patterns. I have a French nautical thing going on, but sometimes I feel like it's a little "done" for spring. Throwing in another pattern, or changing up the proportions, like Boboniaa does, will add life to a somewhat stale look.
Finally, a chic, almost Audrey inspired outfit in neutral tones. This would be a nice transition outfit, and I love how she does something a little unexpected, with the silver shoe and pop art-esque clutch.
From Style.com, a look from Charles Nolan's fall 2008 ready to wear show. Yes, I am getting spring inspiration from a fall runway show! But I really like the concept of having year-round clothing, layering more spring or summer appropriate pieces with heavier items. Now, this look is not perfect - I detest the ugly floral, it looks like bad 80s chintz - but the idea is what I enjoy. I'll get a patterned full skirt and pair it with a bright cardigan and scarf. This would be another ideal transition outfit.
This look, however, is perfect! It's Charles Nolan again, this time spring 2008. I love the 1920s style wide leg trousers, they have such an easy, sophisticated feel. I have quite a few trousers for fall and winter, but not that many for spring. I'd like to do more than skirts and dresses when the weather warms up, and this is lovely.
Finally, The Cherry Blossom Girl does Versailles! I adore everything this mademoiselle wears, but this look is especially pretty. I am dying to find a similar floaty dress that I can wear with espadrilles and chunky cognac leather sandals, and then come fall, with dark tights a la Erin Fetherston.

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Why the Hell Should I Stay Awake?

I have been enchanted by Vogue Girl Korea, the lovely fashion magazine that always delights me with its innovative photography, gorgeous styling, and whimsical attitude. While browsing Foto Decadent, I found this cute editorial called "Sudden Sleep," photographed by Hong Jang Hyun. I find the concept so interesting, and so out of the ordinary, that I just had to share! Go to Foto Decadent for more shots from this editorial, in larger sizes that are decidedly more impactful than mine!Makes me think of long road trips! I've always though that if someone opened the door while I was still asleep from the drive, this is what would ensue. The vintage car is a nice touch.

This one has a somewhat voyeuristic quality about it. It's as if the girl lost the key to her apartment and had to sleep on the floor. I love the point of view as well - it gives a sense of vertigo!

Mmm...springtime naps in nature.

This is definitely one of my favorites. It is very mysterious, but also somehow serene. The cool colors and soft edges are so calming to me.

I enjoyed the entire editorial, and I love the concept of catching someone in an intimate, vulnerable moment. It is so beautiful.

*Title from the song "Fade Together" by Franz Ferdinand

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