Keep Your Trousers On

I am in a very 70s mood right now: plaid shirts, platform pumps, and of course, wide legged trousers. The look is a very classic one, and great for fall, but just as nice for summer. Wide legged navy trousers worn on cool summer evenings bring to mind cruises on the Riviera in the 20s, or Jackie O. summering in Capri. Take these Alice & Olivia lightweight wool trousers from now to the turning of the leaves in fall with a few simple changes.

People usually stick to a simple, snug-fitting top with wide leg trousers for fear of drowning in volume, but I say embrace it! Smartly, though. Pick a pair that is fitted through the rear and thighs, that way you can wear something floaty on top, like this bohemian embroidered blouse by Topshop. Wear it with a Paul Smith inspired bangle and silver croc-embossed sandals by Bernardo for a casual feel, or throw on a silky Urban Outfitters headscarf and BCBG wedges for something a little more groovy. Sit at a cafe sipping pastis and just watch the world go by.
These trousers are in their element when worn in fall. Pair them with a simple cashmere tee from J. Crew and a luxe capelet from Delia's (how surprising is that!?) to channel your inner Sherlock Holmes. Top it off with a cute cap from Topshop. The French Connection top has a very artsy print that picks up the blue of the trousers and the red of these mary janes by Max Studio. For some reason it gives me an Andy Warhol vibe. And that is very cool.



This Academic Factory

Just when summer is beginning to heat up, when we're all stripping down to the bare minimum amount of clothing, fashion disciples start thinking about fall. It's inevitable, what with all of the new collections and magazines stirring up images of colorful leaves and cozy knits. It's around this time that I used to (still do!) wait for my back to school issue of Teen Vogue, my heart beating faster with the anticipation of shopping for the most collegiate fall clothes I could find. There's just something so nostalgic and so romantic about the crisp air, dreams of studying at Oxford, and sophisticated English tweeds. It just makes me want the arrival of autumn to come swiftly. Even though my school days are behind me, I still relish those moments. When I'm wearing my trench, trilby, and proper trousers, I can just imagine myself traipsing through the grounds of Oxford, those imposing Gothic structures looming overhead, searching for just the right Keats quotation to impress that cute English boy with...

The Inspirations
For inspiration, definitely catch the film version of Alan Bennett's play, The History Boys, as well as the classic Harry Potter films. I find Harry Potter to be a particularly good source, as bits of the films were shot at Oxford, plus who can deny the charm of crest-bearing blazers and stripy scarves?

I am positively smitten with Franz Ferdinand. These Glaswegians are very style conscious, not only in terms of the clothing that they wear, but also in the art direction and design of their albums and videos. The video for one of my favorite songs of theirs, "The Dark of the Matinée" features the boys in their school uniforms, bored out of their minds, and daydreaming about when they can escape the doldrums of academia. Listen to the song, watch the video, and reminisce.

The Fashions
The perfect professional look for an important meeting, interview, or lecture! Show those stodgy, tweedy Brits how to do the classic collegiate look with edge. A prim silk blouse from Anthropologie is a little bit sexy secretary, and looks alluring underneath a chocolate corduroy blazer from J.Crew. Also from Anthropologie, wool high waist trousers add an androgynous touch, as does the tweed trilby. Marc's Quinn tote holds all of those books and papers, while L.A.M.B.'s gorgeous oxford pumps finish off the look.

For casual classes, studying in the library, or snogging on the lawns minidresses and riding boots are de rigeur. J.Crew's plaid shirtdress is sophisticated with a classic trench from Built By Wendy (it's lined in plaid too!) and crocodile embossed riding boots by Rafe. Add a pop of color with a bold checked scarf from Burberry, naturally. For a different look, try Built By Wendy's kelly green and black striped minidress. All you'll need to do for a night out pub crawling with your pals is throw on some black opaque tights and silver ballet flats for a swinging 60s London look. Don't stay out too late though - it's a school night.

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