What to Wear to a Texan Wedding: Hint, No Ten Gallon Hats

For the first of my reader requests, I'll tackle the question: What to wear to a Texas wedding in November? Since I don't know the specifics of the event, I've put together a couple of dressy looks, a couple of (semi)casual ones. All the dresses are under $150, and the accessories are mostly around $50, so they are budget friendly. And, you can wear everything again, for many different occasions, so it will be a good use of your cash!First, for a dressy wedding, I have picked two silk dresses. They are simple, but gorgeous, and since this is a fall wedding, I've kept the palette rich and jewel-toned. Bold chandelier earrings and silver pumps add fanciness. Since Texas is still pretty mild in November, I thought it was safe to go spare with the dresses, but because it can get chilly, I would suggest a lightweight pointelle shrug or a pashmina. A 3/4 length coat with bracelet sleeves would also work.
Because I am old-fashioned, I would step up the casual look for an event such as a wedding. Even if everyone else is dressed down. It's a special occasion no matter what, so you should look it. But there is no need to go over the top. I think a shirtdress is a good way to go. The Steve Madden dress is actually taffeta, but the shape and the pinstriping give it a different vibe. I like the mix of masculine and feminine. The low heeled pumps have sneaker-like perforations, but the material is a glittery gold, so that gives them a dressier feel. The red dress is jersey, so not only is it casual, it's also comfortable. If you need some warmth, with these kinds of dresses I would suggest a little cotton jacket with 3/4 length sleeves to tone everything down a little. A simple cardigan sweater would be great too.

I hope this helps! At the very least I hope I gave you some inspiration. And to everyone else who suggested something: I will get to your requests! Just give me a little time and be patient. If you have any other ideas or suggestions, please comment!

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Spotted this girl on Prada and Meatballs and I am in love with her look! The fantastic skirt, slouchy menswear-inspired shirt, and carefree attitude. Tres chic!

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I Want it, I Need it, I Have to Have it

Any recommendations?



I'm Your Biggest Fan!

Shocker! Two posts in one day! Actually, you can expect to see more posts from now on. So, be sure to scroll down so you don't miss anything!I am an avid tennis fan - love playing and love watching. Since it's the summer, I have a lot of tennis to watch, and I have noticed an interesting phenomenon: the tennis girlfriend. The tennis girlfriend is a unique breed of female, most always blonde and with very good bone structure. She sits in the exclusive player's box, cheering on her man, and looking every inch the privileged, label-loving beauty. The ultimate tennis girlfriend is Mirka Vavrinec, right hand woman to tennis god Roger Federer. Seriously, she has the best job in the world: follow Roger around the world and watch his genius on court. How lucky!
Of course, the most important aspect of the tennis girlfriend is her clothing. In fact, both Mirka and Roger are known for their glamorous style and love of all things fashion. They were actually invited by Anna Wintour to accompany her on front row at an Oscar de la Renta show (seen above). So how does one dress like a tennis girlfriend? Read below to find out.
Any tennis girlfriend worth her weight in diamonds knows that the most important part of the outfit is anything from the waist up, because as you sit in the stands, only your torso is visible to the jealous lookers-on and sports network cameras. Pick sport-inspired pieces, those with a casual flair, but make sure everything is designer. If it doesn't have an important name on the label, it should not be touching your body. Mirka happens to love hoodies, and who does an overpriced hoodie better than Juicy Couture? Wear these tops with white Seven jeans and a fantastic pair of shoes. Even though no one will see the shoes, a gorgeous pair of shoes will set you apart even more from the average sneaker wearing spectators who had to pay for their tickets.
Accessories: just as vital to the ensemble as a great top. Make sure that every piece is big, flashy, and with a recognizable logo. Huge sunglasses are a must, and the darker the better. These two are by Mirka's favorites, Roberto Cavalli and Juicy. Big designer bags are required as well, and place them on your lap for all to see. The LV Multicolore is a favorite of Mirka's, and she had it with her at one of Roger's matches just recently. Instantly recognizable, and, for some, highly covetable. Let's not forget the jewels. What's the point of being a tennis girlfriend if your famous and loaded tennis player boyfriend doesn't buy you enormous diamonds? The bigger, the better. Rings are permitted as long as you clap a lot.
Finally, for the red carpet appearances, photo ops, and, of course, sitting front row with Anna Wintour, you'll need some knockout dresses. This Temperley minidress would be great for watching your guy play the final of Wimbledon. For dressier events, however, opt for Cavalli, naturally. Jimmy Choos are the perfect finishing touch.

Don't forget that the best tennis girlfriends have the attitude to match.

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Fall is Here, Hear the Yell, Back to School, Ring the Bell

I no longer have to go to school, but I still love this time of year. Now, I hated school, and I am so glad that it's done and over with, but I always looked forward to buying back to school clothes and shiny new supplies. It's the nerd in me. Needless to say, I devoured all of those stupid "Back to Cool" guides in magazines, making lists of what I would need to be the envy of all my classmates. I've put together my own little guide for those of you like me, who have no desire to actually go to any kind of learning institution and do homework but want to look the part.Ah, the timeless classic, J. Crew. The pantheon of New England preppiness. If I had gotten my way and went to some fancy private prep school like Exeter, I would have worn nothing but J. Crew. But, that's not really me, and I know that private school would have sucked just as bad as public school, but my teenage imagination sometimes got the better of me.
Let's hear it for the old school messenger! I love these two from Retrodelic. They have that elbow-patched professorial look about them, but when paired with skinny jeans and Converse they become hipster chic.
When I was in high school, the cosmetics de rigeur included heavy black eyeliner and whatever glitter-laden lipgloss one could find. I was only one of a few girls at my school who worshiped at the altar of Sephora, and for us, the essentials would have included something like this Fall Fantasy palette by Stila. Chic and a little more subdued than the black-rimmed-angst-ridden-MTV-poseur look.
As stated earlier, my nerdiness knows no bounds, especially when it comes to school supplies. Don't ask me why, but I love pens, pencils, erasers, and notebooks. See Jane Work is a great place to satisfy all of my school supply cravings. The Acme pen and pencil set is adorable. I love how the case looks like the old-fashioned composition notebook. And these erasers are too pretty to use, emblazoned with such icons as the Eiffel Tower and pink poodle.
Kate Spade is the queen of vintage-inspired whimsy. I have the 2007 version of this planner, and the images inside are just as fabulous as the cover. There are page-sized illustrations for each month, and they are cool enough to rip out and frame as little works of art. I cannot wait to get this 2008 one.

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Etsy Thump

Forgive the silly title! I am - as always - on a White Stripes kick. Anyway, as a supporter of the indie contingent in anything, be it music or fashion, I find the online shop Etsy to be a great place to find very unique items for very affordable prices. As we are all quite aware, the fashion world is cutthroat, so even if an emerging young designer has loads of talent, it is very likely that he or she will never be picked up by Barney's, or at least some great boutique. That's where Etsy comes in. I took a quick stroll through some clothing shops on Etsy and found a few lovely pieces (mostly all dresses, unintentionally, of course) all for no more than $65!I love the architectural quality of this, and the slight Asian influence. It has very thin black stripes, and the top can be seductively worn off the shoulder. By Vital, this dress would be perfect for a gallery opening!
From Serene, this dress is inspired by the fantastic Zara dress, with interesting ruffle neckline and criss-cross back. I love the electric blue color. It's also available in several other colors, including buttery yellow and dark grey.
Even though the shape is completely wrong for me, I cannot help but love tent dresses. They have a very appealing flapper feel about them. This white tent dress by Some Velvet Morning (love the name) has two front pockets and a low back. The contrasting trim at the neck adds some artistic detail.
This paper bag waist skirt is another item by Some Velvet Morning. The fabric seems to have a really nice sheen to it, and the styling is spot on: all you need with a skirt like this is a simple tank, a great belt, and a cute little headband. The photography is great too, grainy and saturated, much like Jeurgen Teller for Marc Jacobs!
Finally, a black and white dress by Have Fun With Fabric (yet again, love the name). This is just a simple tank dress but I love the contrasting waist band and abstract floral detail on the hem.

Next time you feel tempted to blow hundreds of dollars on one of the more established designers out there, try out an indie designer! You'll be saving money and supporting new talent.

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